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Our Team


Tenille -  Administration

Tenille is our first point of contact for the business for both staff and clients.
She brings a happy and confident disposition to the office and is always eager to help. Tenille is also our primary HR person


Wendy - Accounts & Office Management

Wendy is our bookkeeper and office manager. She also helps with our HR.
Wendy is a qualified Bookkeeper with many years of experience.


Fred Taylor


Fred Taylor is a Yamatji senior and leader in the Yamatji community. He is a custodian of the country and
is recognised as a spokesperson for the Yamatji region. He has extensive experience as a public officer in
Aboriginal and Government agencies. He has worked as the regional manager and Aboriginal liaison officer
for the Yamatji Land and Sea Council and has also worked for the Midwest, Gascoyne & Murchison Areas
Native Title Working Group.
Fred was a founding member of Yamatji Mining and Civil. YMC was a primarily mining and civil construction
company based in Geraldton, providing earthmoving, civil and contract mining services to the resources and
construction sectors in the Midwest, with a focus on providing Aboriginal labour to projects. YMC was dedicated
to the employment, training and total integration of Aboriginal people in its internal operations and was the
leading Aboriginal contracting company in the Midwest.
Fred was CEO of Jigalong Community between 2006-2010. During this time he was responsible for overseeing
all aspects of social well-being and development for the community.
Fred was Projects Manager for Yamatji ECMJ.
Fred Taylor is currently CEO of iRED (Indigenous Real Estate Development) Corp, whose mission is to further
a culture of economic independence, ownership, entrepreneurship and self-determination among Indigenous
people through the creation and growth of successful businesses within the property development, construction
and property asset management industry.

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